CS01 - New Friends

Welcome to the first chapter of Crimson Sorrow. This is a historical audiobook retelling the story of Hrywin Sinjin and her cabal. Hrywin is one of an ancient race of people called Ven. I hope her story will inspire more interest in this fascinating race and time.

For their vital research assistance, thanks to:
Professor Fabien Badilla
Anthony Demming
Luther Belk
Adam Mitchell

Also special thanks to Professor John Wick for use of his translation of one of Shivon Mwrr's last operas, No More Roses. John Wick is the leading Professor in the study of the Ven. To hear the entire opera, or find out more information about the Ven, visit HousesoftheBlooded.net.

Check back July 12 for the next episode!

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