CS05 - Interlude

Something happened to the the real Chapter 5. But after listening to this, I decided to put it up. It is almost as though the ven reached through time to tell us this tragic tale.

I hope you enjoy it.

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CS04 - Ga'hlinan's Journal  OR What Really Happened at Rali's Althua

Ga'hlinan's version of the events of Rali's Althua. While what happened in Chapter 3 is a faithful recounting of Hrywin’s journals. But, as I work with my fellow historians, we often encounter differences in the events. It is not dissimilar to listening to different witnesses tell their versions of a car accident. However, in our studies, we found a few instances where Hrywin’s account differed dramatically from any other record we have obtained.

Part of Rali’s Althua is one of these examples. Thus, I have decided, that in instances where there is a question of what really happened, I shall use copies from Ga’hlinan’s journal. 

Once again, thanks to:
Professor Fabien Badilla
Anthony Demming
Luther Belk
Dan Waszkiewicz

Music is provided by Professor John Wick. It is a translation of one of Shivon Mwrr's last operas, No More Roses. To hear the entire opera, or find out more information about the Ven, visit HousesoftheBlooded.net.

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