CS14 - The Legend

We end the podcast with accounts from Hrywin Sinjin, Ga'hlinan Thorne, Paethira Sheeda and Vriyana Sinjin.

All the historians who have helped me over the course of this podcast:

Professor Fabien Badilla
Anthony Demming
Luther Belk
Dan Waszkiewicz
Jay Cessor
Chris Bender

Once again special thanks to Professor John Wick for use of Shivon Mwr’s Opera No More Roses. To find out more about the ven or John Wick, please visit housesoftheblooded.net

Also, if you enjoyed this podcast, Professor Wick and I will be co-translating the pillowbook concerning Alban Yvarai and Vriyana Sinjin, you will be able to read it at Professor Wick's livejournal at wickedthought.livejournal.com.

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Let all rejoice. June 28th will bring the release of the first episode! Look for it then.

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Hey folks, Welcome to Crimson Sorrow.
This is a historical podcast featuring the Sinjin family on the Ralirynaga archipelago.

The podcast will be going online in June, so look for it then.

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